Dwain Longley

Locality Manager (Paramedic)

Dwain Longley is a locality manager (paramedic) for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, with a specialist interest in major incident management, Incident Command and Specialist Operations. He is currently seconded into the NHS Trusts Command and Resilience Education Team as an associate educator and has been delivering courses related to resilience, command, and speciality command to a variety of commanders within his Trust since October 2019. He has been a registered paramedic since 2010 and continues to practice as a clinician as much as he can. He has been involved in several different leadership roles within the Trust since 2013 at an operational and tactical level. He operates as one of the Trust’s tactical commanders and has attended a number of large scale and complex incidents during his time as a commander, including planning and managing the 2018 Tour De Yorkshire Event. He has undertaken a wide variety of leadership training and was awarded his MSc in Health and Social Care Leadership at Sheffield Hallam University in early 2020, which builds on the BSc already obtained in this field. Since 2003 he has also volunteered with St John Ambulance and has undertaken a number of management roles over this period at both local and regional level and has also undertaken the role of a Strategic Commander on behalf of St. John. He is currently serving as a Regional Clinical Manager (Operations). Dwain is also a serving Town Councillor having being elected in the 2019 Local Elections, and was chosen to be the Consort to the Deputy Mayor of Wakefield and will continue to support her upon her taking up the role of Mayor in 2021. In October 2020 he will be beginning his PhD in Health Service Leadership with the Open University, undertaking a research project based on how NHS Ambulance Trusts respond to large or major incidents.

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