Please send your book idea to our editorial team: Lianne Sherlock (, Katherine Totterdell ( and Clementine Joly (

We would love to hear your idea. In order to better understand where your book or project fits into the market we may ask for a written proposal outlining all the key information before sending this for external review (see below).

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What should be in my proposal?

Once you have decided on the kind of publication you would like to pursue you can download our proposal questionnaire on our website. The questionnaire can be downloaded as a Word document and can be filled in as a template as you focus your ideas.

All proposals should cover five main points:

  1. What’s it about?

A description of the main themes and purpose of the book.

  1. What’s in it?

Please provide a draft contents list with chapter titles and a brief summary of what each chapter will contain. We realise this may well evolve as things develop!

  1. Who will read it?

Describe your typical reader and the market in which the book will sell. Outline the intended audience/level of readership for your book e.g. students, practitioners

  1. What’s it up against?

Make a list of any similar titles or resources which are out there; the current, forthcoming and out of print books which cover a similar topic.

  1. Why is it unique?

Describe the assets and features of this resource/book that will make different from the others and will appeal to readers? What is you aim or rationale for publishing this?

We realise that it can take time to finalise a proposal and so please do feel free to send us a draft version if you would like to. We’d be happy to provide guidance and advice in advance of sending this for review should this be helpful. A sample chapter can also help us understand the nature and tone of your work and so  do feel free to submit one along with your proposal if you think this would be helpful.

What happens next?

Editorial Team

Once you have submitted your proposal our team of in-house editors will assess its suitability for publication and offer feedback and guidance in regards to your idea. If we are happy with the final proposal then we then send this for external review.

External Review

We ask respected healthcare specialists to independently assess the content, quality and potential for a finished publication based on your proposal. This is an important part of the process as it ensures that our published outputs are of the highest standards and we have considered all avenues for improving the work. The review process is anonymous and we also ask for a number of reviews in order to ensure that feedback is balanced and objective.

Depending on the feedback from the review we may ask you to revise your proposal or consider any suggestions raised by the review before moving forwards with a contract.

Contract and Publication

Once the editorial team has considered the external reviews and any additional responses we will approve the proposal for publication. We will then agree with you on a realistic deadline to write/edit your manuscript before sending you a draft contract that includes the agreed date for the delivery of the manuscript. We are always on-hand to offer support and guidance whilst writing your manuscript and so do contact us if you have any questions.

Contact us

If you would like to submit a proposal, or have any queries or concerns, please contact the editorial team: Lianne Sherlock (, Katherine Totterdell ( and Clementine Joly (