Terms and Conditions

Class Professional Publishing (hereafter known as the Publishers) will consider your submission (hereafter known as the Contribution) for publication within an anthology of paramedic narratives, edited by Georgette Eaton, in all formats, print and digital.

Should your Contribution be selected by the Publishers, it will be published on the following terms:

  • You as the Author of the Contribution warrant to the Publishers that the Contribution is original to yourself except for material in the public domain and such excerpts of other works as may be included with written permission of the copyright owner, that it has not hitherto been published in any form, that it will in no way whatever give rise to violation of any existing copyright or a breach of any existing agreement, including any contract of employment. You further warrant that the Contribution contains nothing obscene, indecent, defamatory or libellous, that all statements therein purporting to be facts are true and that any recipe, formula or instruction contained in the Contribution will not, if followed accurately, cause injury or illness or damage to the user.
  • You, by way of licence of present or future copyright, hereby grant an exclusive licence to the Publishers the entire copyright and all other rights of a like nature in and to the Contribution throughout the world (including for the avoidance of doubt all digital rights) for the full legal term of copyright and all renewals, revivals and extensions thereof, and the Publishers shall have the exclusive right during such period to publish, and to sub-license, the Contribution in whole and in part in all editions, forms and media in the English language and in any translations without limitation. For the avoidance of doubt copyright in the selection and arrangement of the Work remains with us, the Publishers.
  • The Publishers reserve the right to reject any submissions which are not suitable for the publication. Any submissions received after the deadline will not be considered for inclusion. Any acceptance or publication in the first edition of the Work will not constitute acceptance for subsequent editions but the Publishers shall have the right to include the Contribution in any subsequent revised edition or editions of the Work on the terms set out below.
  • The Publishers shall have the right to make revisions to the Contribution which they may deem desirable in the interests of uniformity and style of the Work. Any revised Contribution for a new edition of the Work shall be subject to the terms and conditions.
  • The Publishers shall include your name with due prominence in the List of Contributors in any edition of the Work or elsewhere as determined by the Publishers as the author (or co-author as the case may be) of the Contribution (unless you have specified you would prefer to remain anonymous). Authors of the published Contribution will receive one free copy of the Work on publication, as long as address details have been provided along with the submission.
  • Any dispute or difference of any kind whatsoever which arises between you and the Publishers in relation to any matter in connection with this letter of agreement shall be referred to the arbitration of two persons (one to be named by each party) or their umpire in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996 or any amending or substituted statute for the time being in force.This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.