General principles

There are two types of ParaFolio subscription:


Trust subscription

  • Trusts can pay for, and offer staff organisational ParaFolio subscriptions which we will refer to as ‘Trust subscriptions’.
  • Within the Trust subscriptions, Trusts may provide specific ‘Program Modules’ for staff and leaders to track program specific CPD requirements (e.g. HART, NQP, Incident Commander). Trusts will subscribe individuals to these Program Modules.
  • You can add general CPD data using your Trust subscription. The Trust will not have access to this general CPD data.
  • If you leave your Trust, contact can help you transfer your CPD data to a new personal or new Trust subscription.

Personal subscription

  • Individuals can pay for their own ParaFolio subscriptions which we will refer to as ‘personal subscriptions’.
  • This data is not shared with anyone else.

There are two types of CPD data:

General CPD data

  • This is general CPD data about any standards of proficiency for CPD activities the individual wishes to log in ParaFolio. This can be added in either their Trust subscription or a personal subscription.

Program Module CPD data

  • This is programme specific CPD data about CPD activities the individual needs to log as part of their work in a specific Trust programme, e.g. HART, major incidents, NQP or telephone triage.
  • Program Module CPD data entered by an individual using a Trust subscription is shared with the Trust as both the Trust and the individual need it.
  • Trusts maintain Program Modules on ParaFolio in order to enable clinicians to log their skills, certifications, evidence and reflections in one purpose-designed tool, and to enable clinical leadership to monitor CPD activity and certification, track the Trust’s. compliance with standards, as well as identify training needs and more.

Data management & retention

Trust subscription

  • If the Trust cancels the Trust subscription, Class Publishing will retain the CPD data for five years.
  • If the Trust removes a user from a Program Module, Class Publishing will keep the Program Module CPD data for five years beyond the cancellation of the Program Module.
  • If a Trust user requests that their Program Module data is deleted, Class Publishing will liaise with the Trust.

Personal subscription

  • If a user cancels their personal subscription, Class Publishing will retain the user’s CPD data for five years.
  • If a user request the removal of their CPD data Class Publishing will delete it within ten days.