Python Programming in Context

Jones & Bartlett

Python Programming in Context, Third Edition provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to Python fundamentals. Updated with the latest version of Python, the new Third Edition offers a thorough overview of multiple applied areas, including image processing, cryptography, astronomy, the Internet, and bioinformatics. Taking an active learning approach, each chapter starts with a comprehensive real-world project that teaches core design techniques and Python programming while engaging students. An ideal first language for learners entering the rapidly expanding field of computer science, Python gives students a solid platform of key problem-solving skills that translate easily across programming languages.

The Third Edition’s emphasis on problem-solving, extrapolation, and development of independent exploration and solution-building provides students with a unique and innovative approach to learning programming. Python Programming in Context, Third Edition is the ideal introductory text for those learning the Python language.

Every new copy of the text is packaged with full student access to Turing's Craft Custom CodeLab. Customized to match the organization of the text, CodeLab offers students hands-on Python programming experience. The student types in code and the system immediately judges its correctness, offering hints when the submission is incorrect.

• New full color design implemented to better emphasize code samples’ syntax

• Completely updated with the most up-to-date version of Python

• New examples added for reading and processing data from the Internet in JSON and CSV formats

• New Recap, Heads Up, and Good Programming Practice callouts help break up readings and emphasize important concepts.

Previous Edition: 9781449699390
Chapter 1 Introduction to Python: Introduction to Numeric Types, Turtle Graphics, Simple for loops and functions
Chapter 2 pthon: Estimating Pi: Math and random methods, Selection and Boolean expressions, the print function
Chapter 3 Codes and Other Secrets: String operators and methods, The len built-in function, Keyword parameters, User input
Chapter 4 Introducing the Python Collections: Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, and Statistics
Chapter 5 Bigger Data: File I/O: The while loop, String formatting, Reading online data in .csv and JSON formats
Chapter 6 Image Processing: Nested for loops, Functions as parameters, Namespaces, Lists of Lists
Chapter 7 Data Mining: Cluster Analysis: More on the while loop; parrallel lists
Chapter 8 Cryptanalysis: Advanced dictionaries and lists, Regular expressions
Chapter 9 Fractals: The Geometry of Nature: Recursion, Functional Programming, Grammars and Production Rules
Chapter 10 Astronomy: Creating Classes, Writing Constructors, Accessors, Mutators and Special Methods
Chapter 11 Simulation:Computer Simulation Using Objects
Chapter 12 Your Father was a Rectangle: Inheritance and Object-Oriented Design
Chapter 13 Video Games: Mtithreading, Event Handlers, Static Variables

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