Type 1 Diabetes in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

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Author, Dr Ragnar Hanas: In this new edition I want you to consider the first 2 weeks after diabetes onset as a window of opportunity to learn how to get on top of the condition. It is of course a tough time, with the overwhelming message at diagnosis that you have a chronic condition for the rest of your life. But at the same time you want to know how to best treat and take care of yourself or your child in this new situation. And you need to learn the fine details. Begin with carbohydrate counting day one to understand how much insulin to give. By mastering glucose measurement as finger pricks or continuous glucose monitoring you will quickly begin to understand the wider context. Only by entering the driver’s seat you can take good care of your or your child’s diabetes. We know you can do it and get good results – become your own expert by reading the updated seventh edition

As a Type 1 Diabetic myself, this book presents all the need to know information and idiosyncrasies about Type 1 Diabetes in a clear and comprehensive way. It can sometimes be daunting when learning about a medical condition that has so many different layers. Dr Ragnar Hanas has written the book in such a way, that health care professionals and parents alike can learn so much from just one chapter - James Hubscher, Reviewer

This practical handbook gives you:

•A step-by-step guide to achieving optimal health with diabetes for young people with Type 1 Diabetes and their parents, as well as health care professionals, teachers, schools, counsellors and many others.
•Straightforward guidance on blood glucose, hypos, healthy eating, exercise, illness, smoking, travel and many other topics.
•Practical checklists and stories of other people with diabetes.
•Details of support groups and organisations to go to for further help and support.
•An extensive glossary defining 178 medical terms.
•Over 400 illustrations and cartoons.

1. Introduction
2. Getting to grips with diabetes
3. Caring for your own diabetes
4. Diabetes: Some background
5. How your body works
6. High blood glucose levels
7. Regulation of blood glucose
8. Hypoglycaemia
9. Treating hypoglycaemia
10. Insulin treatment
11. Monitoring
12. The HbA1c test
13. Injection technique
14. Injection equipment
15. Adjusting insulin doses
16. Insulin pumps
17. Side effects of insulin treatment
18. Insulin requirements
19. Nutrition
20. Sweeteners
21. Sweets, treats and ice cream
22. Weight control
23. Eating disorders
24. Physical exercise
25. Stress
26. Fever and sick days
27. Smoking
28. Alcohol
29. Illegal drugs
30. Pregnancy and sexual issues
31. Social issues
32. Travel tips
33. Associated diseases
34. Complications in blood vessels
35. Lowering the risk of complications
36. Research and new developments
37. Psychology
38. Needle phobia
39. Well-known people with diabetes
40. Epilogue
41. Glossary
42. References
43. Index

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