Statistics in Criminology and Criminal Justice

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Download the front matter, including the Preface and complete table of contents and see why this book is the clear choice for undergraduate statistics courses.

It’s critical for students to learn how to collect and analyse social science data to understand the nature of crime and theories of why crime occurs. Statistics in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Analysis and Interpretation does just that. It teaches how to collect, organise, record, analyse, interpret, and apply statistical information to prepare students for their careers or graduate study. With nearly 40 years of combined teaching experience and 15 years of revising editions, Drs. Walker and Maddan have crafted an engaging and understandable presentation of theory and the application of statistical analysis in this modernised Fifth Edition. They focus on data collection, knowing which statistics to use with what data, how to interpret output of SPSS (an IBM company), explanations and demonstrations of statistical procedures, why procedures give the results they do, how to interpret the output of statistical analyses, and more.

Problem-solving is a core element to understanding and applying statistical analysis, and the fifth edition of Statistics in Criminology and Criminal Justice is unparalleled in the tools it provides to unlock this complex subject. Exercises have been moved from the end of chapters to be interwoven with the material, allowing students immediate practice of key concepts, equations, and calculations, and a new online Student Practice Workbook offers additional opportunities to practice and learn-by-doing.

Features and Benefits
NEW Secrets for Success chapter opening feature provides tips and tricks to make the maths more approachable, guidance for how to read through the text, particular points to note, and suggestions for further practice on difficult concepts
NEW Stop! Do This! boxes throughout chapters allow students immediate practice with the formulas and concepts as they work through the material
Each chapter has been updated to include new information on statistical output, revised data files, additional data sets, and extensive use of flowcharts to increase students’ confidence in analysing and conducting statistical research
Provides a comprehensive glossary and equation glossary for students to quickly reference key terms and equations when preparing for lectures and exams
The popular How Do You Do That? and A Bit of History features have been retained and updated
Every new print copy includes access to the Navigate Companion Website with a NEW Student Practice Workbookin fillable PDF format containing practice exercises and Sample Data Sets, as well as an interactive glossary and practice quizzes
Instructor Resources include an Instructor’s Manual with Chapter Summaries, a complete Test Bank, Lecture Slides in PowerPoint Format, and Sample Data Sets (in Excel and SPSS)
Previous Edition: 9781449688608
Chapter 1 The Logic of Comparisons and Analysis
Chapter 2 Variables and Measurement
Chapter 3 Understanding Data Through Organization
Chapter 4 Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter 5 Measures of Dispersion
Chapter 6 The Form of a Distribution
Chapter 7 Introduction to Bivariate Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 8 Measures of Existence and Statistical Significance
Chapter 9 Measures of Strength of a Relationship
Chapter 10 Measures of Direction and Nature of a Relationship
Chapter 11 Introduction to Inferential Analysis
Chapter 12 Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 13 Hypothesis Tests
Chapter 14 Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Chapter 15 Introduction to Multivariate Statistics
Chapter 16 Multiple Regression I: Ordinary Least Squares Regression
Chapter 17 Multiple Regression II: Limited Dependent Variables
Chapter 18 Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling
Chapter 19 Putting It All Together
Appendix A Math Review and Practice Test
Appendix B Statistical Tables
Appendix C The Greek Alphabet
Appendix D Variables in Data Sets

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