Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals

Fifth Edition
Jones & Bartlett Learning

Written to assist in the transition from the classroom to the workplace, Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals, Fifth Edition provides readers with a clearer understanding of the issues they will face as health professionals, as well as, how law and ethics are so often intertwined. Through contemporary topics; real-world examples; and accessible, student-friendly language, this important resource offers readers an applied perspective, with an emphasis on developing critical-thinking skills.

Expanded content on difficult topics such as corporate ethics, discharge and follow-up care, patient abuse, and the Nursing crisis strain.
News Clippings of published legal and ethical issue editorials are updated and expanded to include doctor suicides, health care fraud, staff shortages and compassion and so much more.
Reality Checks explore patient, personal, provider, and organizational experiences related to health care issues.
Numerous Cases featuring legal rulings and summaries are showcased through case law examples.

Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access online learning materials, including and interactive eBook, robust animations, student practice activities and assessments, learning analytics reporting tools, and more.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Ethics
Chapter 2 Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas
Chapter 3 End-of-Life Dilemmas
Chapter 4 Health Care Ethics Committee
Chapter 5 Development of Law
Chapter 6 Introduction to Law
Chapter 7 Government Ethics and the Law
Chapter 8 Organisational Ethics and the Law
Chapter 9 Health Care Professionals and Legal-Ethical Issues
Chapter 10 Physician's Ethical and Legal Issues
Chapter 11 Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Chapter 12 Patient Consent
Chapter 13 Patient Abuse
Chapter 14 Patient Rights and Responsibilities
Chapter 15 Summary Case: Search For Truth

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