Caring for the Vulnerable, Fifth Edition

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Caring for the Vulnerable: Perspectives in Nursing Theory, Practice, and Research focuses on vulnerable populations and how nurses can care for them, develop programs for them, conduct research, and influence health policy. Units I and II focus on concepts and theories; Unit III on research; Units IV, V, and VI on practice-oriented measures, including teaching nursing students to work with vulnerable patients and clients; and Unit VII on policy. The text provides a broad overview of material critical to working with these populations, comprehensive treatment of issues related to vulnerable populations, outstanding contributors who are experts in what they write, and a global focus.

The Fifth Edition will be a major overhaul, as each new edition of this text has been. There will be a total of 31 new chapters focusing on new and emerging research on vulnerable populations. This text is generally used as a supplement in a wide variety of courses - from health promotion to population health, to global health.

New to the Fifth Edition:

Thirty-one new chapters focusing on new and emerging research on vulnerable populations, exploring topics such as:
Intersection of Racial Disparities and Privilege in Women’s Health
HIV Prevention Education
Caring for the Transgender Community
Caring for Vulnerable Populations: Outcomes with the DNP-Prepared Nurse
With chapters delving into key clinical topics in identified regions, such as:
Opioid Abuse and Diversion Prevention in Rural Eastern Kentucky
The Effects of Gun Trauma on Rural Montana Healthcare Providers
Health Care in Mexico
Fifth edition will continue to focus more on DNP authors and assess each chapter for relevance to DNP-prepared nurses
Features an included test bank, practice activities, PPTs, IM, and a sample syllabus
Unit I Concepts and Theories
Chapter 1 Vulnerable Populations: Vulnerable People
Chapter 2 Advocacy Role of Providers
Chapter 3 Intersection of Racial Disparities and Privilege in Women's Health
Chapter 4 Social Justice in Nursing: A Review of the Literature
Chapter 5 Health Literacy: Through the Lens of One Provider
Chapter 6 Bullying
Chapter 7 Applying Middle-Range Concepts and Theories to the Care of Vulnerable Populations
Chapter 8 Resilience in Healthcare and Relevance to Successful Rehabilitation Among Registered Nurses with Substance Use Disorders
Chapter 9 Afghan Women Refugees: Application of Intersectionality Feminist Theory
Chapter 10 A Holistic Approach to Women's Employment
Unit II Research
Chapter 11 The Boys on the Porch: Life Among Previously Homeless Men
Chapter 12 Validation of Fluid Intake Tracking System Designed for Heart Failure Patients
Chapter 13 A Systematic Review of Cardiomyopathy and Peripartum Mortality in the United States
Chapter 14 Life Beyond Movement: A Life History of a Male Quadriplegic
Chapter 15 Overcoming Breastfeeding Challenges: A Case Study
Chapter 16 Adult Family Relationships After Childhood Maltreatment and Parental Substance Use or Mental Disorder: Pursuing an Ethics of Care
Chapter 17 HIV Prevention Education
Unit III Practice and Programs
Chapter 18 Obstetric Fistula: The Cost to Child Brides
Chapter 19 Caring for the Transgender Community
Chapter 20 Developing Population-Based Programs for the Vulnerable
Chapter 21 The Hepatitis C Epidemic: Outreach and Intervention for Boomers
Chapter 22 Trauma Informed Primary Care: Promoting Change among Patients with Early Life Adversity
Chapter 23 Opioid Abuse and Diversion Prevention in Rural Eastern Kentucky
Chapter 24 Culturally Contextualized Community Outreach Program to Promote Breastfeeding among African-American Women
Chapter 25 Strangulation Related to Intimate Partner Violence: Caring for Vulnerable Women in the Emergency Department
Chapter 26 The Effects of Gun Trauma on Rural Montana Healthcare Providers
Unit IV Teaching-Learning
Chapter 27 Teaching Nurses about Vulnerable Populations
Chapter 28 Caring for Vulnerable Populations: Outcomes with the DNP-Prepared Nurse
Chapter 29 Vulnerability and Resilience: Teaching Students in Low Resource and Culturally Unfamiliar Settings
Chapter 30 Health Care in Mexico
Chapter 31 Honors Capstone: Preparing Grant Content for the Hope Box
Unit V Policy
Chapter 32 Public Policy and Vulnerable Populations
Chapter 33 Facing the Nursing Workforce Shortage: Policies and Initiatives to Promote a Resilient Healthcare System
Chapter 34 The Implementation of the Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns Initiative in Freestanding Birth Centers
Chapter 35 Protecting Vulnerable Populations from Mosquito-Borne Diseases: The Cases of Yellow Fever and Zika
Chapter 36 The Link between Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence
Chapter 37 Long After Allende and Pinochet: Uncovering Vulnerability in Doing Political History--Method and Agency
Chapter 38 Aging in Place Policy

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