Nutrition for the Older Adult

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Updated to the latest data and expert information, the Third Edition of Nutrition for the Older Adult introduces students to the unique nutritional needs of this growing population. Designed for the undergraduate, the text begins by covering the basics, including the demographics of aging, physiology of aging, and vitamin and mineral requirements for older adults. It then delves into clinical considerations, including the nutritional implications of diseases and conditions common among older adult. Additional coverage includes: nutritional assessment, pharmacology, nutritional support, and much more. With new pedagogical features along with revamped end-of-chapter activities and questions, Nutrition for the Older Adult is an essential resource for students in the fields of nutrition, nursing, public health and gerontology.

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Features and Benefits
NEW - New Let's Discuss questions found in each chapter can be used for in-class dialogue or homework assignments.
NEW - Open-ended Discussion Questions and multiple-choice Study Questions are now included at the end of each chapter .
NEW - Preview Statements and Recap Statements can now be found at the beginning and end of each major heading to help students focus on the key material at hand.
NEW - A new boxed feature, Viewpoint, features professional perspectives related to working with older adults.
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Part I Nutrition Basics
Chapter 1 Introduction and Demographics of Aging
Chapter 2 The Physiology of Aging
Chapter 3 Macronutrient, Water, and Alcohol Recommendations in Older Adults
Chapter 4 Vitamin Requirements of the Older Adult
Chapter 5 Mineral Requirements of the Older Adult
Chapter 6 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the Older Adult
Part II Clinical Considerations
Chapter 7 Nutrition Screening & Assessment of the Older Adult
Chapter 8 Nutritional Implications of Gastrointestinal Disorders
Chapter 9 Nutritional Implications of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Disease
Chapter 10 Nutritional Implications of Renal and Genitourinary Disease
Chapter 11 Nutritional Implications of Endocrine and Metabolic Alterations
Chapter 12 Nutritional Implications of Cognitive Disorders
Chapter 13 Nutritional Implications of Oral Health
Chapter 14 Nutritional Implications of Wound Healing
Chapter 15 Nutritional Implications of Skeletal Health
Chapter 16 Nutritional Implications of Obesity and Malnutrition
Chapter 17 Pharmacology, Nutrition, and the Older Adult: Interactions and Implications
Chapter 18 Nutrition Support and End of Life Considerations for the Older Adult

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