Computer Science Illuminated

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Designed for the introductory computing and computer science course, the student-friendly Computer Science Illuminated, Seventh Edition provides students with a solid foundation for further study, and offers non-majors a complete introduction to computing. Fully revised and updated, the Seventh Edition of this best-selling text retains the accessibility and in-depth coverage of previous editions, while incorporating all-new material on cutting-edge issues in computer science. Authored by the award-winning team Nell Dale and John Lewis, the text provides a unique and innovative layered approach, moving through the levels of computing from an organised, language-neutral perspective.

New & Key Features of the Seventh Edition:
NEW & REVISED - Includes new and enhanced content on:
Cloud Computing in Chapter 15
Big Data in Chapter 12
Smart Speakers in the home in Chapter 13
Computer and System Security in Chapter 17
NEW – Includes all new content in Chapter 6, Low-Level Programming Languages and Pseudocode, with updated examples using the Pep/9 machine
UPDATED – Ethical Issues at the end of each chapter have been updated to delve into current issues and trends, while new Did You Know boxes and updated biographical sketches reflect the latest information in the field
UPDATED – Aligns more broadly to the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum
Previous edition: 9781284055917
Laying the Groundwork
Chapter 1 The Big Picture
The Information Layer
Chapter 2 Binary Values and Number Systems
Chapter 3 Data Representation
The Hardware Layer
Chapter 4 Gates and Circuits
Chapter 5 Computing Components
The Programming Layer
Chapter 6 Low-Level Programming Languages and Pseudocode
Chapter 7 Problem Solving and Algorithms
Chapter 8 Abstract Data Types and Subprograms
Chapter 9 Object-Oriented Design and High-Level Programming Languages
The Operating System
Chapter 10 Operating Systems
Chapter 11 File Systems and Directories
The Applications Layer
Chapter 12 Information Systems
Chapter 13 Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 14 Simulation, Graphics, Gaming, and Other Applications
The Communications Layer
Chapter 15 Networks
Chapter 16 The World Wide Web
Chapter 17 Computer Security
In Conclusion
Chapter 18 Limitations of Computing

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