Effective Management of Bladder and Bowel Problems in Children

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Childhood incontinence is often neglected as a major focus for healthcare professionals, the assumption being that all children will eventually grow out of any problems they may have. However, many do not and this can lead to the devastating effects of incontinence on a child's social, mental and physical health.

This comprehensive text explores all continence problems in children and gives practical, easy-to-adopt guidance on how they can be controlled and managed in the clinical and community setting. Chapters are written by leading practitioners from a range of disciplines: nursing, medicine, surgery, psychology and education. The book emphasises the importance of thorough assessment and identification of the causes of incontinence, and advises on addressing problems in the most appropriate way for the individual child.

Busy practitioners will welcome having key points highlighted at the start of each chapter, as well as extensive real case studies, useful resources, and a full glossary of key terms.

Topics covered include:

How to safeguard children and how to communicate effectively with parents
Relevant anatomy and physiology of bladder and bowel
Tests and investigations to identify bladder and bowel dysfunction
Surgical perspectives and other forms of management
Dealing with psychological issues and long-term difficulties
Strategies for developing integrated paediatric continence services

1 Safeguarding children and young people
with continence difficulties

2 Involving and communicating with patients

3 Embryology of the urogenital tract and pelvic floor

4 Anatomy and physiology of the urinary system, and some common problems

5 Anorectal anatomy and physiology

6 Investigations for bladder problems

7 Nocturnal enuresis

8 Faecal soiling in childhood

9 Urinary tract infection in childhood

10 Surgical assessment and management of urinary continence in children with neuropathic bladder

11 A surgical perspective on intractable faecal incontinence

12 Psychological issues of incontinence

13 Holistic assessment for adaptations, equipment and product needs

14 Managing clean intermittent catheterisation

15 Transition through childhood

16 Continence issues in schools

17 Strategy for developing integrated paediatric continence services

18 Ensuring proficiency

19 Governance and standards for better health


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