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Emergency Birth in the Community is the essential resource for ambulance clinicians, midwives, GPs and all healthcare professionals who come into contact with emergency birth. The book has been specifically adapted from the official JRCALC Guidelines, the established standard for pre-hospital care. For this unique publication, many topics have been expanded upon, including Maternal Resuscitation, Umbilical Cord Prolapse, Shoulder Dystocia and Post-partum Haemorrhage.

Within this book is an exceptional level of detail of how the physiology of a woman’s body changes during pregnancy. By having a clear understanding of these differences and applying this knowledge when managing women at all stages of pregnancy, attending responders are highly likely to help save lives in the community. This isn’t only a book, it is a practical, efficient tool to help you deliver safe maternity care. Mr Edward Morris MD FRCOG, Vice President, Clinical Quality, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Pocket cards with key algorithms are included, covering a multitude of birth presentations and maternity related conditions. The book also features Summary cards for both mother and baby.

An excellent guide to obstetric emergencies. The cards are really useful and illustrate the management of each type of emergency a responder may encounter. Mandy Forrester, Head of Quality and Standards, The Royal College of Midwives
Chapter 1: Maternity Care
Chapter 2: Assessment of the Pregnant Woman
Chapter 3: Bleeding in Pregnancy
Chapter 4: Emergency Birth
Chapter 5: Pre-term Birth
Chapter 6: Umbilical Cord Prolapse
Chapter 7: Shoulder Dystocia
Chapter 8: Breech Birth
Chapter 9: Post-partum Haemorrhage
Chapter 10: Convulsions during Pregnancy or After Birth
Chapter 11: Special Considerations for Maternal Resuscitation
Chapter 12: Special Considerations for Newborn Resuscitation

Flowchart 1: Normal Birth
Flowchart 2: Cord Prolapse
Flowchart 3: Breech Birth
Flowchart 4: Shoulder Dystocia
Flowchart 5: Post-partum Haemorrhage
Flowchart 6: Convulsions in Pregnancy and After Birth
Flowchart 7: Maternal Resuscitation
Flowchart 8: Newborn Resuscitation

Birth Summary Card 1: Mother
Birth Summary Card 2: Baby

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