Language Development

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Language Development: Foundations, Processes, and Clinical Applications, Third Edition coalesces the necessary knowledge of language development with evidence and clinical practice. Contributed by experts in the field, the Third Edition provides the student with specific clinical applications using skill-based information related to assessment and intervention. Featuring a chapter dedicated solely to the comprehension of language, this edition also covers language development from unique perspectives, such as multicultural/ lingual home, international adoption, the child with cochlear implants and other sensory devices, and the child with multiple disabilities.


NEW CHAPTER- Chapter 12: Mapping Language onto the Brain
NEW CHAPTER- Chapter 14: Speech and Language Development of Children Who Were Adopted Internationally
NEW CHAPTER - Chapter 16: Listening, Language, and Literacy for Children with Sensory Devices: From Hearing Aides to Cochlear Implants
Updated with DSM-V definitions
Includes addition of language sample analyses in Chapter 7: Early Semantic Development: The Developing Lexicon and Chapter 8: The Development of Morphology and Syntax
Navigate 2 includes videos highlighting key features of language development
Case Studies and new Clinical Application exercises allow students to follow the progress of children with normal language development as well as those showing atypical development
Previous ISBN: 9781284022070

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