Nutrition Assessment

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Written for the graduate-level nutrition course, Nutrition Assessment: Clinical and Research Applications explores the purpose, methods, and scientific basis for nutritional assessment in community, clinical, and individual nutrition settings. It provides students with the basic knowledge and skills to identify nutrition problems, develop research questions and study hypotheses, and plan nutrition interventions and treatments.

Divided into six sections, Nutrition Assessment opens with a historical perspective of nutrition assessment as well as an overview of the basis of scientific and nutritional research. The next four sections delve into the primary methods of nutritional assessment: dietary, anthropometric, biochemical, and clinical assessments. The final section is intended to cover public health topics including population wellness, health coaching, nutrition interventions, and international research.

Section 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 Nutritional Assessment
Chapter 2 Health Research Methods
Chapter 3 Standards for Desirable Nutrient Intake
Section 2 Method of Evaluation: Dietary Methods
Chapter 4 Measuring Nutrient Intake
Chapter 5 National Food and Nutrition Surveys
Chapter 6 Computerized Food and Nutrition Analysis Systems
Section 3 Method of Evaluation: Anthropometric Methods
Chapter 7 Anthropometry
Section 4 Method of Evaluation: Biochemical Assessment
Chapter 8 Biomarkers in Nutritional Assessment
Section 5 Method of Evaluation: Clinical Assessment
Chapter 9 Clinical Assessment of Nutritional Status
Chapter 10 Nutritional Assessment in Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Treatment
Section 6 Population Wellness, Coaching, and Nutrition
Chapter 11 Health Coaching Theory and Approaches
Chapter 12 International Nutrition Assessment and Research
Appendix A CONSORT 2010 Checklist of Information to Include When Reporting a Randomized Trial
Appendix B STROBE Statement- Checklist of Items That Should Be Included in Reports of Observational Studies
Appendix C PRISMA 2009 Checklist

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