Ambulance Care Essentials

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"...Students who are seeking a resource that offers a high level of appeal and readability will not be disappointed as the 361 pages are very well set out using an appropriate mixture of colourful illustrations and modern relevant photographs from clinical practice...". Michael J McGivern. RGN.RMN.BN.MN, April 2019. To read the full review click here: [Ambulance Care Essentials (April 2019)]

Ambulance Care Essentials (ACE) is a new book for emergency care assistants and others working in ambulance services within the NHS and private sectors. The book and online materials cover the content that you need to know in order to be an effective member of the ambulance crew. Important theoretical aspects of the role, such as the principles of communication, legal, ethical and professional issues and health and safety are explained in detail. However, this is a practical job and you will learn how to undertake safe manual handling, conduct a scene and patient assessment, and perform practical procedures such as managing an airway and assessing a patient's breathing and circulation. Supporting senior clinicians is also a key part of the emergency care assistant role, and the Ambulance Care Essentials book and online course (bought separately) have got this covered, with explanations on how to assist the paramedic with advanced airway techniques and obtaining intravenous cannulation. Other topics included in the Ambulance Care Essentials book and course ensure comprehensive coverage of the topics and patient populations that you will encounter, and includes: medical emergencies and trauma, cardiac arrest, obstetrics, paediatrics and older people.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Ambulance Service

Chapter 3: Communication

Chapter 4: Legal, Ethical and Professional

Chapter 5: Health and Safety

Chapter 6: Manual Handling

Chapter 7: Scene Assessment

Chapter 8: Patient Assessment

Chapter 9: Airway

Chapter 10: Breathing

Chapter 11: Circulation

Chapter 12: Disability

Chapter 13: Exposure/Environment

Chapter 14: Medical Emergencies

Chapter 15: Trauma

Chapter 16: Assisting the Paramedic

Chapter 17: Obstetrics

Chapter 18: Children and Infants

Chapter 19: Learning Disabilities

Chapter 20: Older People

Chapter 21: Cardiac Arrest


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