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Learn Sociology creates a new paradigm for student-centered learning in introductory sociology courses. Written with 21st century students in mind, this text presents introductory sociology content in a highly interactive format that is both easy to use and highly compatible with digital applications. Drawing on best practices in educational pedagogy, Learn Sociology emphasises “immersive learning,” an approach that pairs critical analysis of sociological concepts with examples from everyday life to engage students actively with the material. Weaved through the text are recurring themes that put sociology into context, such as social structure, social control, social inequality, the social construction of reality, scientific knowledge, and social change.

Learn Sociology optimises learning through enhanced coverage, study, testing, and review while emphasising the “applying” that reinforces comprehension. Based on a modular concept format, each chapter in Learn Sociology addresses a major concept in the introductory sociology curriculum. Associated with each module are key learning objectives, preview statements, illustrations, and a concept learning check assessment. With Learn Sociology, students have access to immediate computer-based feedback on essay questions that helps them practice writing and revising, reason critically, and grapple with real-world issues.

All content in Learn Sociology is highly visual, current, and easy to understand while avoiding distracting and off-topic material. Visual overviews play to dynamic learning and underscore important points. The result is an introductory sociology curriculum that is engaging, consistent, and complete while providing students with a roadmap for learning, reviewing and self-assessment.

Learn Sociology is a comprehensive and integrated print and digital learning solution that transforms how students learn and instructors teach by bringing together authoritative and interactive content aligned to course objectives with adaptive study planning and remediation and learning analytics reporting tools. Instructors and students can customize the learning experience with:

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About The Learn Series

Learn Sociology is a publication of The Learn Series, a completely new course curriculum solution from Jones & Bartlett Learning that aims to provide a fresh, integrated print and digital program solution for general education survey courses. The Learn Series is produced with today’s “digitally native” students in mind by re-envisioning the learning experience and focusing not just on what students learn but also how students learn. The Learn Series is characterised by authoritative and notable authors; visual, modular design; student-centered pedagogy; and integrated formative and summative assessments that improve learning outcomes—features that allow instructors to easily customise and personalise course curriculum. The Learn Series provides the most interactive and advanced curriculum solution for today’s student-centered learning environments by emphasising the skills students need to thrive in the 21st-century knowledge-based economy.

Chapter 1: The Sociological Perspective and Research Process
Chapter 2: Culture
Chapter 3: Socialization
Chapter 4: Society, Social Structure, and Social Interaction
Chapter 5: Groups and Organizations
Chapter 6: Deviance and Crime
Chapter 7: Class and Stratification in the United States
Chapter 8: Global Stratification
Chapter 9: Race and Ethnicity
Chapter 10: Sex and Gender
Chapter 11: Aging and the Elderly
Chapter 12: Families and Intimate Relationships
Chapter 13: Education and Religion
Chapter 14:Politics and Economy in Global Perspective
Chapter 15: Health and Healthcare
Chapter 16: Population and Urbanization
Chapter 17: Collective Behavior, Social Movements, and Social Change

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