Java Illuminated

Fifth Edition
Jones & Bartlett Learning

Written for the one- to three-term introductory programming course, the fifth edition of Java Illuminatedprovides learners with an interactive, user-friendly approach to learning the Java programming language. Comprehensive but accessible, the text takes a progressive approach to object-oriented programming, allowing students to build on established skills to develop new and increasingly complex classes. Java Illuminated follows an activity-based active learning approach that ensures student engagement and interest.

New & Key Features of the Fifth Edition:

Updated to include Java 8 and Java 9 throughout the text
The authors have replaced swing with JavaFx in Chapter 4 (graphics programming), Chapter 12 (GUIs) and in all graphics applications and Programming Activities throughout the book.
A revised Chapter 2 now uses the jshell sandbox for immediate code feedback
Every new print copy includes access to Turing's Craft CodeLab
previous edition 9781284045314,
Chapter 1 Introduction to Programming and the Java Language
Chapter 2 Programming Building Blocks- Java Basics
Chapter 3 Object-Oriented Programming, Part 1: Using Classes
Chapter 4 Introduction to Graphical Applications
Chapter 5 Flow of Control, Part 1: Selection
Chapter 6 Flow of Control, Part 2: Looping
Chapter 7 Object-Oriented Programming, Part 2: User-Defined Classes
Chapter 8 Single-Dimensional Arrays
Chapter 9 Multidimensional Arrays and the ArrayList Class
Chapter 10 Object-Oriented Programming, Part 3: Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Interfaces
Chapter 11 Exceptions, and Input/ Output Operations
Chapter 12 Graphical User Interfaces Using Java FX
Chapter 13 Recursion
Chapter 14 An Introduction to Data Structures
Chapter 15 Running Time Analysis
Appendix A Java Reserved Words and Keywords
Appendix B Operator Precedence
Appendix C The Unicode Character Set
Appendix D Solutions to Selected Exercises
Appendix E Representing Negative Integers (online only)
Appendix F Representing Floating-Point Numbers (online only)

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