Pediatric Nursing Care: A Concept-Based Approach

First Edition
Jones & Bartlett Learning

Pediatric Nursing Care: A Concept-Based Approach teaches undergraduate nursing students the need to know information for working in a pediatric nursing environment. The text has a strong focus on patient safety and QSEN competencies as well as the Family Centered Care Theory. This pediatric-focused text emphasizes communication and interdisciplinary team work, provides family education guidelines, questions for soliciting health history and employs a concept-based approach to the content. This text is differentiated from others through its unique approach to family dynamics including constellation, culture and religious influences to pediatric treatment.

Key Features:
Evolving case studies per chapter
Concept-based exercises
Critical thinking clinical exercises
Research tips and facts
Emphasis on unique aspects of family dynamics
Practice-centered case studies drawn from clinical experience
Pharmacological “Must Know” tips provide link between content and drug safety
Unit I Overview of Pediatric Nursing Care
Chapter 1 Introduction to Children's Health Care
Chapter 2 Care Across Clinical Settings
Unit II Safety in Caring for Children and Families
Chapter 3 Essential Safety Models
Unit III Models of Care
Chapter 4 Cultural and Religious Influences to Care
Chapter 5 Working and Communicating with an Interdisciplinary Team
Unit IV Developmentally Focused Care and Developmental Milestones
Chapter 6 Caring for Neonates and Infants
Chapter 7 Caring for Toddlers
Chapter 8 Caring for Preschoolers
Chapter 9 Caring for School-Age Children
Chapter 10 Caring for Adolescents
Chapter 11 Symptom Management Across Childhood
Unit V Caring for Families in Need
Chapter 12 Caring for Families Under Stress
Chapter 13 Caring for an Abused Child
Unit VI Concept-Based Care in Pediatrics
Chapter 14 Gastrointestinal Elimination
Chapter 15 Metabolism
Chapter 16 Gas Exchange and Oxygenation
Chapter 17 Skin Integrity
Chapter 18 Cellular Regulation
Chapter 19 Cardiovascular Perfusion
Chapter 20 Sensory Perceptions: Impairments and Disorders
Chapter 21 Intracranial Regulation
Chapter 22 Genitourinary Elimination
Chapter 23 Mobility
Chapter 24 Cognition and Mental Health
Chapter 25 Immune System Disorders
Chapter 26 Infection and Communicable Diseases in Childhood
Unit VII Implementing Principles of Safe Care
Chapter 27 Essential Skills for Pediatric Nursing
Chapter 28 Safe and Legal Aspects of Care
Chapter 29 Care of the Acutely Ill or Critically Ill Child
Chapter 30 The Dying Child

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