Security Strategies in Linux Platforms and Applications

Jones & Bartlett Learning

The second edition of Security Strategies in Linux Platforms and Applications covers every major aspect of security on a Linux system. Written by an industry expert, this book is divided into three natural parts to illustrate key concepts in the field. It opens with a discussion of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities associated with Linux as an operating system using current examples and cases. Part 2 discusses how to take advantage of the layers of security available to Linux--user and group options, filesystems, and security options for important services, as well as the security modules associated with AppArmor and SELinux. The book closes with a look at the use of both open source and proprietary tools when building a layered security strategy for Linux operating system environments. Using real-world examples and exercises, this useful resource incorporates hands-on activities to walk readers through the fundamentals of security strategies related to the Linux system.

previous edition 9780763791896,
Chapter 1: Security Threats to Linux
Chapter 2: Basic Components of Linux Security
Chapter 3: Basic Security: Facilities Through the Boot Process
Chapter 4: User Privileges and Permissions
Chapter 5: Filesystems, Volumes, and Encryption
Chapter 6: Every Service Is a Potential Risk
Chapter 7: Networks, Firewalls, and More
Chapter 8: Networked Filesystems and Remote Access
Chapter 9: Networked Application Security
Chapter 10: Kernel Security Risk Mitigation
Chapter 11: Managing Security Alerts and Updates
Chapter 12: Building and Maintaining a Security Baseline
Chapter 13: Testing and Reporting
Chapter 14: Detecting and Responding to Security Breaches
Chapter 15: Best Practices and Emerging Technologies

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