Managing Risk in Information Systems

Second Edition
Jones & Bartlett Learning

Revised and updated with the latest data in the field, the Second Edition of Managing Risk in Information Systems provides a comprehensive overview of the SSCP® Risk, Response, and Recovery Domain in addition to providing a thorough overview of risk management and its implications on IT infrastructures and compliance. Written by industry experts, and using a wealth of examples and exercises, this book incorporates hands-on activities to walk the reader through the fundamentals of risk management, strategies and approaches for mitigating risk, and the anatomy of how to create a plan that reduces risk.

Features and Benefits

Provides a modern and comprehensive view of information security policies and frameworks
Examines the technical knowledge and software skills required for policy implementation
Explores the creation of an effective IT security policy framework
Discusses the latest governance, regulatory mandates, business drives, legal considerations, and much more.
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Chapter 1: Risk Management Fundamentals
Chapter 2: Managing Risk: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Exploits
Chapter 3: Maintaining Compliance
Chapter 4: Developing a Risk Management Plan
Chapter 5: Defining Risk Assessment Approaches
Chapter 6: Performing a Risk Assessment
Chapter 7: Identifying Assets and Activities to be Protected
Chapter 8: Identifying and Analyzing Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Exploits
Chapter 9: Identifying and Analyzing Risk Mitigation Security Controls
Chapter 10: Planning Risk Mitigation Throughout the Organization
Chapter 11: Turning Your Risk Assessment into a Risk Mitigation Plan
Chapter 12: Mitigating Risk with a Business Impact Analysis
Chapter 13: Mitigating Risk with a Business Continuity Plan
Chapter 14: Mitigating Risk with a Disaster Recovery Plan
Chapter 15: Mitigating Risk with a Computer Incident Response Team Plan

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