Auditing IT Infrastructures for Compliance

Jones & Bartlett Learning

The Second Edition of Auditing IT Infrastructures for Compliance provides a unique, in-depth look at recent U.S. based Information systems and IT infrastructures compliance laws in both the public and private sector. Written by industry experts, this book provides a comprehensive explanation of how to audit IT infrastructures for compliance based on the laws and the need to protect and secure business and consumer privacy data. Using examples and exercises, this book incorporates hands-on activities to prepare readers to skillfully complete IT compliance auditing.

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previous edition 9780763791810,
Chapter 1: The Need for Information Systems Security Compliance
Chapter 2: Overview of U.S. Compliancy Laws
Chapter 3: What Is the Scope of an IT Compliance Audit?
Chapter 4: Auditing Standards and Frameworks
Chapter 5: Planning an IT Infrastructure Audit for Compliance
Chapter 6: Conducting an IT Infrastructure Audit for Compliance
Chapter 7: Writing the IT Infrastructure Audit Report
Chapter 8: Compliance Within the User Domain
Chapter 9: Compliance Within the Workstation Domain
Chapter 10: Compliance Within the LAN Domain
Chapter 11: Compliance Within the LAN-to-WAN Domain
Chapter 12: Compliance Within the WAN Domain
Chapter 13: Compliance Within the Remote Access Domain
Chapter 14: Compliance Within the System/Application Domain
Chapter 15: Ethics, Education, and Certification for IT Auditors

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