Complex Analysis For Mathematics And Engineering

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Intended for the undergraduate student majoring in mathematics, physics or engineering, the Sixth Edition of Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering continues to provide a comprehensive, student-friendly presentation of this interesting area of mathematics. The authors strike a balance between the pure and applied aspects of the subject, and present concepts in a clear writing style that is appropriate for students at the junior/senior level.

Through its thorough, accessible presentation and numerous applications, the sixth edition of this classic text allows students to work through even the most difficult proofs with ease. New exercise sets help students test their understanding of the material at hand and assess their progress through the course. Additional Mathematica and Maple exercises are available online.

Features and Benefits

New material on the origin of complex numbers
New exercises help students work through and understand key concepts
The essential details of residues and conformal mappings are included
A chapter on z-transforms illustrates the area of digital signal filtering
Applications include steady state temperatures, fluid flow, and electrostatics
Fourier series are used to solve the Dirichlet problem in the unit disk
Solutions to the odd-numbered problems are included as an appendix
Additional exercises using Maple and Mathematica are available online
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