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From the Authority on Victimology

Named 2016 Living Legend by the American Academy of Nursing, Ann Wolbert Burgess has dedicated her career to the study of victims, offenders, and the impact of crime on society. Dr. Burgess continues to bring her years of research and real-world experience working with victims, offenders, FBI, and law enforcement from the courtroom to the classroom in this updated third edition of Victimology: Theories and Applications. This authoritative text provides an overview of issues related to a variety of victims types, such as children, the elderly, women, individuals and groups of a specific race or religion, and victims of internet crime. Within the context of each victim type, Dr. Burgess discusses not only the impact of the crime on the victim, but also covers the motivation of the perpetrator, strategies for intervention, laws that define the nature of the crime, and the legal attempts to punish offenders. Whether a student is considering a career in the criminal justice system, health care, first responder services, social work, or academia, this applied text will guide them toward a deeper understanding of the multifaceted world of victimology and prepare them to better serve victims of crime.

Features and Benefits
NEW chapters cover social media victims and forensic victimology, including new case studies on Michelle Carter and Riley Fox
NEW full-color design with improved photos, figures, and tables enhance the learning experience
NEW discussions about both victims and offenders
Updated chapter opening cases on Amanda Knox, Andres Behring Breivik, Kobe Bryant, Casey Anthony, Jaycee Dugard, Brandon McInerney, Rihanna and Chris Brown, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Imette St. Guillen’s family, Mickey Rooney, David Russell Williams, and Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak.
The latest statistics and case studies help readers understand the dynamics of the victim-offender interaction, crime scene forensics, investigative techniques, court outcome and resources for victim recovery
Covers current topics including, human trafficking, bullying, victims of terrorism, victims of cybercrime, property crimes, corporate crimes, workplace violence, racial profiling and disproportionate penalties
Instructor resources include Lecture Slides in PowerPoint format and a comprehensive Test Bank.
previous edition 9781449684938,
1 Crime and Victimology
2 Measurement of Crime and Victimization
3 Theories of Victimization
4 Victim Rights and Services
5 Justice Systems
6 Child Abuse and Neglect
7 Abduction and Exploitation
8 School Violence
9 Intimate Partner Violence
10 Stalking Victims
11 Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault
12 Elder Abuse Victims
13 Homicide: Victims, Their Families, and the Community
14 Hate Crimes
15 Victims of Social Media
16 Victims of Cybercrime
17 Other Forms of Victimization
18 Forensic Victimology and Investigative Profiling

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