Criminological Theories

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An Accessible, Theory-Based Approach to Criminology

Designed for undergraduate criminology and criminological theory courses, Criminological Theories: Understanding Crime in America, Second Edition explores crime, crime theory, and various forms of criminal behavior within the United States. It focuses exclusively on theory, avoiding superfluous discussion of the criminal justice system. Students will come away from the text with plausible explanations of crime causation, a greater appreciation of criminological theory, and the ability to think critically about the social reality of crime. Current and highly relevant, the text includes coverage of new developments in the field of criminology, including cultural, integrative, life-course, and green criminological theories.

Student-friendly but comprehensive, Criminological Theories presents the most current crime statistics and research findings with contemporary examples of reported crime. Every chapter in this thought-provoking text opens with an outline and concludes with critical-thinking questions to ensure concept retention and student comprehension. Accessible and thorough, Criminological Theories: Understanding Crime in America, Second Edition is an essential resource for students to understand the motivation of criminal behavior.

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Features and Benefits
Offers a strictly theoretical approach to criminology that is suitable for undergraduate courses
Provides students with the practical utility of theory and how they can apply it in their chosen criminal justice or criminological occupation
Includes current and updated statistics and contemporary examples of crimes reported in the media with clear explanation of the applied criminological theory
Accompanied by a full suite of instructor resources, including Lecture Outlines in PowerPoint format and Test Bank
Chapter 1 What is Theory?
Chapter 2 Measuring the Extent of Crime
Chapter 3 Crime Victimizations
Chapter 4 The Classical School of Thought
Chapter 5 Trait Theories
Chapter 6 Social Structure Theories: Emphasis on the Social Structure
Chapter 7 Social Processing Theories: Emphasis on Socialization
Chapter 8 Conflict Theories
Chapter 9 The Future of Criminological Theory

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