Criminal Investigation

Fifth Edition
Jones & Bartlett Learning

A crime has occurred. Now what? From the crime scene to the courtroom, Criminal Investigation walks students through the entire investigative process and the roles involved, including police officers, investigators, forensic personnel, defence lawyers, and prosecutors. This integrated approach paints a realistic picture of how crimes are actually solved with fascinating real-world examples. Featuring a new, full-colour interior design, the Fifth Edition incorporates modern investigative methods and procedures for multiple crime types, including homicide, assault, robbery, theft, burglary, arson, terrorism, cybercrime, and a new chapter dedicated to underwater investigations. New sections discussing digital evidence, including cell phones and GPS, tracking technology, and social media keep students on the cutting-edge of investigative techniques and forensic science developments. The cohesive and accessible approach combined with practical applications make Criminal Investigation, Fifth Edition the easy choice for students pursuing careers in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

Features & Benefits

ENGAGING - NEW FULL-COLOR interior design with over 200 NEW and REVISED figures and photos greatly improves clarity to illustrate important information
REVISED - All chapters have been updated to reflect the latest investigative techniques and procedures
RELEVANT - NEW Ripped From the Headlines boxes encourage readers to apply key concepts to contemporary, real-world events
NEW chapter discusses underwater investigations, including how to process, document, and photograph underwater crime scenes
REORGANIZED - Based on market research and reviewer feedback, chapters have been reordered in response to popular demand
COMPREHENSIVE - All types of criminal investigations are covered, including assault, homicide, robbery, theft, burglary, arson, terrorism, cybercrime, and more
APPLIED - Case in Point boxes connect the material to actual crimes that were solved using the investigative techniques and procedures presented
PRACTICAL - The popular Investigator's Notebook (formerly titled Officer's Notebook) feature offers students a realistic glimpse into the lives of law enforcement and investigators
SUPPORTIVE - Instructor resources include a complete Test Bank, lecture slides in PowerPoint format, an Image Bank in PowerPoint format, and a comprehensive Instructor's Manual with lecture outlines.

Table of Contents:

Section I Criminal Investigation

Chapter 1 Introduction to Criminal Investigation

Chapter 2 The Law of Search and Seizure

Chapter 3 Managing Criminal Investigations and Cultivating Sources of Information

Section II The Basics of Criminal Investigation

Chapter 4 The Crime Scene

Chapter 5 Physical Evidence

Chapter 6 Suspect Identification

Chapter 7 Interview and Interrogation

Section III Specialized Investigations

Chapter 8 Firearms Investigation

Chapter 9 Death Investigation

Chapter 10 Theft, Burglary, and Robbery

Chapter 11 Assault Investigation

Chapter 12 Drug Offenses

Chapter 13 Arson and explosives investigation

Chapter 14 Computer Crime and Digital Evidence

Chapter 15 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Chapter 16 Underwater Investigations

Section IV Preparing for Court

Chapter 17 Defense Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Investigators

Chapter 18 Expert Testimony

Appendix A Professional Organizations Pertaining to Criminal Investigation

Appendix B Bank Crime Statistics

Appendix C Processing the Scene of Mass Fatality Incidents

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