Principles Of Environmental Chemistry

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Appropriate for students with a general chemistry background, Principles of Environmental Chemistry helps students understand the underlying chemical processes that are operating in the environment while demonstrating how difficult it is to measure these systems. The author emphasises that all living and non-living parts of our environment are comprised of chemicals and that all of the natural processes continuously occurring in the environment involve chemical reactions. With this concept of interdependence, students begin to see that without some understanding of chemistry, it is impossible to fully understand environmental issues such as ozone depletion, global warming, air and water pollution, and the hazards of radioactivity. The third edition includes a new chapter on green chemistry as well as numerous updates throughout to address the changes in the field.

Key features:

includes a new chapter on green chemistry.
a new key term glossary is now included at the end of the text.
new feature boxes assess students understanding of chapter material with analytical questions and problems.
includes additional chemical equations throughout the text reinforce important concepts.
available with a new electronic student study guide and solutions manual
instructor’s resources include powerpoint® lecture outlines, answers to end of chapter problems, and a testbank.
a student companion website includes chapter outlines, interactive glossary, flashcards, and weblinks.
previous edition 9780763759391

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