Vital Coronary Heart Disease

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Vital facts and figures for managing Coronary Heart Disease – in just 96 pages!

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is preventable yet kills more than 101,000 people in the UK every year. Primary Care health professionals play an essential role in identifying and managing at-risk patients, and providing care for those patients who have already been affected by heart disease. Vital Coronary Heart Disease take a pragmatic, hands-on approach to managing CHD care, combining the experienced skills of the author with the best evidence-based knowledge.

This expert quick-reference guide offers straightforward guidance for practice nurses, GPs and all health professionals caring for patients who have CHD. Equipped with this clear and easy-to-read handbook you can assess and treat your patients with speed and confidence.

Protocols for patient assessment
Making appropriate referrals to secondary care
Case studies to demonstrate best practice
Over 80 ‘Vital Points’ highlighted throughout the text, for quick reference
1 Coronary heart disease: an overview

2 Anatomy and physiology of the heart and coronary circulation: a recap

3 The pathophysiology of CHD or ‘What goes wrong?’

4 Presentation of acute coronary syndrome

5 Assessment and examination of patients presenting with non-acute chest pain

6 Diagnostic tests

7 Revascularisation procedures in acute coronary syndrome

8 Referral for non-acute presentations

9 Key risk factors for CHD

10 Risk assessment in primary prevention

11 Communicating risk

12 Pharmacological management of CHD

13 Lifestyle interventions

14 Other conditions that can be linked to CVD

15 Cardiac rehabilitation

16 The General Medical Services Contract and the Quality and Outcomes Framework

17 Structuring care – the annual review

18 Education and self-management

19 Getting on with living – keeping well with CHD


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