Vital Diabetes Management

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All you need to know to manage and run your General Practice diabetes service for maximum QOF points – in just 76 pages!

This practical and succinct manual shows you – step by step – how deliver the highest quality diabetes care and fulfil the requirements of the new GP contract Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). Armed with this quick reference, you will be able to guarantee optimum patient satisfaction AND ensure that the maximum income for diabetes care is obtained.

A step-by-step guide to the latest Quality and Outcomes Framework
How to review and update your diabetes register
Need-to-know information sections for all practice staff
Practical advice on achieving glycaemia targets
‘Vital Points’ highlighted throughout the text for quick reference

Bringing together the experience and expertise of general practice medicine and practice diabetes nursing, this book contains all the essential information you need for management of diabetes care. It is an ideal reference for GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and all those involved in the structure and provision of diabetes care in general practice.

The context • The practice diabetes register • The practice diabetes service • Achieving glycaemia targets • Retinal screening • Foot screening • Good blood pressure control • Microalbuminuria and kidney function • Cholesterol management •Influenza immunisation • Depression • Clinical indicators
1 The context

2 The practice diabetes register

3 The practice diabetes service

4 Achieving glycaemia targets

5 Retinal screening

6 Foot screening

7 Good blood pressure control

8 Microalbuminuria and kidney function

9 Cholesterol management

10 Influenza immunisation

11 Depression


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