High Blood Pressure Answers at your Fingertips

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Lots of people have High Blood Pressure, but very few understand what is going on and why it is important - for your health - to lower you blood pressure to a normal level and maintain it there.

The more you understand about your blood pressure, the better you can control it. In this practical guide, the expert medical authors use their experience to answer all your questions, giving you the information you need to bring your blood pressure down - and keep it down.

- Contains medically accurate answers to 222 questions actually asked by people with high blood pressure

- Gives positive and practical advice on every aspect of your blood pressure

- Explains the medical jargon in plain English

- Answers all the questions you want to ask your doctor

- Provides details of or

What you most need to know in 11 questions

This is a really excellent book and a very valuable addition to the series.

1. Blood pressure and high blood pressure

2. Symptoms, causes and diagnosis

3. Measuring blood pressure

4. Non-pharmacological treatment

5. Treatment with drugs

6. High blood pressure with other problems

7. Pregnancy, contraception and the menopause

8. Living with high blood pressure

9. Monitoring and follow-up

10. Research and the future


Appendix 1: Drugs used in the treatment of high blood pressure

Appendix 2: Useful addresses

Appendix 3: Useful publications and websites

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