Diabetes Through the Looking Glass Seeing diabetes from your child's perspective

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A childhood diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes can be devastating for the whole family. Parents and children both worry for the future and how diabetes will affect their lives. For parents these concerns can be compounded by not fully understanding what your child is really going through.

Dr Rachel Besser, a paediatrician specialising in childhood diabetes, was herself diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was a child. Through her work with families affected by diabetes, she realised that many parents are desperate to understand how it feels to live with the condition, and wonder what they can do to make their child’s experience as positive and uncomplicated as possible.

Combining her own experience with interviews with children and adults who share their stories, Dr Besser provides an illuminating insight into what it feels like to grow up with diabetes.


The different phases of diagnosis and acceptance

Hypos, blood tests and injections

Food and eating

School and the teenage years

Family and friends

Life beyond home

We think this is a really great, informative book. It echoes so many of the thoughts from parents and children I have heard while working at JDRF. It is very hard for those of us without Type 1 diabetes to have any concept of what children, and adults with Type 1, and their families deal with every day, but this goes a long way to improving that understanding.

1. Diagnosis, getting real and getting on
2. Hypoglycaemia
3. Blood Tests
4. Injection time
5. Food and eating
6. Hyperglycaemia, ketoacidosis and complications
7. School
8. Family and friends
9. The teenage years
10. Life beyond home
11. The best and worst of times

Who's who
Appendix: Useful contacts

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