Community Health Paramedicine, UK Student Edition

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Community Paramedicine Expands The Role Of EMS Professionals To Help Fill A Critical Gap In The Health Care System—Responding To The Medical Needs Of Underserved Communities And Ultimately Improving The Quality Of Life And Health For These Populations. From Managing Chronic Disease To Preventive Care To Coordinating Health Services, The Community Paramedic Collaborates With A Dedicated Team Of Health Care Professionals To Address Health Problems Within Their Communities, Reduce Hospital Readmissions, Prevent Unnecessary Ambulance Transports, And Keep Patients Where They Want To Be: In Their Homes.


1 Introduction to Community Paramedicine
2 Personal Safety and Wellness
3 Professional Boundaries
4 Interactions
5 Ethics
6 The Role of the Community Paramedic in Public Health
7 Social Determinates of Health
8 Cultural Competence
9 Community Needs Assessment
10 Patient Needs Assessment
11 Pathophysiology
12 Patient Assessment
13 Lab Values
14 Plan of Care
15 Chronic Disease Management
16 Mental Health
17 Communication Strategies for Children with Special Needs
18 Geriatrics
19 Hospice and Palliative Care
20 Nutrition
21 Pharmacology
22 Immunisations

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