Crew Resource Management: Principles And Practice

Jones & Bartlett Learning

All Fire Departments Are Designed To Achieve Objectives Like Minimizing The Loss Of Life And Property, But Few Departments That Fail To Emphasize Crew Resource Management (CRM) Principles On An Ongoing Basis Succeed In Getting The Most Out Of Its Various Teams To Best Achieve These Goals. Crew Resource Management: Principles And Practice Will Teach Fire Department Leaders The Critical CRM Skills Needed To Get The Most Out Of Every Individual Department Member, And To Create An Entire Organization Dedicated To The Philosophy That The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts.

Crew Resource Management: Principles And Practice Will Help Fire Department Leaders To: Eliminate Communication Barriers Within Various Teams; Improve The Lines Of Communication Between Fire Fighters And Their Superiors; Maximize Synergies Between Teams Through Cross-Training While Also Improving Individual Performance; And Teach Situational Awareness And Decision Making Skills To Help Department Members Succeed In Even The Most Challenging Conditions.

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