Samantha Thompson

Forensic Paramedic and Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science

Sam Thompson is a Forensic Paramedic and a Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science at St Georges, University of London. Specialising in the care of patients who have been raped or sexually assaulted, she is the author of the Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee National Guidelines on Sexual Assault and is a regular speaker for the College of Paramedics.  Sam has been published in academic journals and her podcasts may be found online. She represents the College of Paramedics on the Inter Collegiate and Agencies Domestic Violence Abuse national forum and is currently involved in the 22nd International Trauma Care Conference hoping to reach a wider clinical audience. Managing patients who have been sexually assaulted represents challenging moral and ethical dilemmas for any health care professional, yet myths prevail based on misinformation, inexperience and the inherently protective need for attribution amongst those believing victims: “asked for it”.  Through her work, Sam is committed to challenging the myths which compromise care and further damage this very vulnerable group of patients.

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