Richard Gough

Paramedic; Disability Assessor

Richard Gough is a paramedic with an educational background, who decided to change his career the end of 2019.   At that point he was the Post Qualification Manager for West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (WMAS NHS FT). His role entailed managing the Continuing Professional Development of paramedics and technicians, including matters relating to HCPC registration, portfolios and mandatory education and training. After 8 years working in education and training, he attained a CertEd (PCE) at Wolverhampton University in 2017. Beginning his career in 2002, he began to specialise as an Education and Training Officer in 2009 and progressed into a managerial role in 2013. In this role, he specialised in writing training packages (including e-learning), designing educational courses, and writing academically researched educational material. Richard has had a passion for writing since beginning his career. Notably he has had an academic poster, analysing educational methods, displayed at the 2016 Emergency Medicine Educators Conference. After transforming the way that WMAS NHS FT produced their mandatory training , as well as also designing and editing their statutory and mandatory workbook, he has now embarked on a career change.   Currently, he is exploring the role of disability assessor/analyst and is enjoying adapting his paramedic experience and knowledge to learn about this role and is looking to advance into the training and development side of this industry.

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