Richard Berry

Specialist Paramedic

Richard Berry retired as a Specialist Paramedic from South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust in May of 2019 after 33 years operational service. He is married with three children and lives on the Hampshire/Sussex border. Richard was the initiator of JRCALC CPD and its predecessor CPG CPD and is so thankful to Class Publishing for adopting and supporting the concept so loyally and generously. He enjoyed working closely with the Class team for over 5 years developing this dynamic product and authoring over 4500 questions from Unit 1 – Unit 36 and 10 Special Topic Units. Despite his retirement Richard retains a keen interest in pre-hospital care, its progress and guidelines and remains committed to JRCALC CPD and its potential as a learning and revision tool for the modern UK ambulance service. His goal was to create a mobile learning platform that required a recall of isolated facts in keeping with the operational demands of the profession, to include one touch contextualisation and validation and simple pick-up/put-down application. He is thrilled with the look and feel of the product and excited by the introduction of new authors to continue populating the library with units for the next generation of ambulance staff.