New Year, New Titles!

Christmas is now a distant memory, and quite possibly so are those New Year’s resolutions you swore you’d stick by yet inevitably gave up three days in (no judgement here, it happens). However, if you can shift the guilt then why not squeeze another one in that’s a bit more realistic – to read more in 2019.

Having doubts?

Well, we’ve got some fantastic titles in the pipeline for this year which may be the bit of motivation you need for creating your 2019 reading goal.

JRCALC Clinical Guidelines 2019 & Pocket Book

Publishing this Spring are the JRCALC Clinical Guidelines 2019, which’ll be available in both the classic paperback and pocket book size. The 2019 edition will cover the full set of guidelines, with updates to resuscitation, overdose and end of life care.

Description: 2019 Guidelines 1

Practice Education for Paramedics

Practice-based education and placements are vital components of UK paramedic science programmes, allowing students to apply their university education, knowledge and theory to real life aspects of practice in the ambulance service. A brand-new title from Class Professional, this book highlights the importance of the practice educator (PEd) role in supporting and assessing the learner during their practice-based education.


Endorsed by the College of Paramedics and in line with the JRCALC guidelines, PHTLS UK teaches and reinforces the principles of rapidly assessing a trauma patient using an orderly approach, immediately treating life threatening problems as they are identified and minimising delays in initiating transport to an appropriate destination.

Anatomy & Physiology Colouring Book

This textbook forms an ideal companion to help healthcare professionals and paramedics develop their knowledge base and assess their current level of understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Emergency Airway Management Logbook

Published just last week, this logbook is designed to allow pre-hospital and emergency care clinicians of all grades to quickly and easily maintain a record of airway skills performed in order to assist in proving competence where required.

Be sure to follow our twitter page where we’ll be tweeting updates as and when the books have published, alongside special promotions on our existing titles. Happy New Year!

Written by Sophie Holman


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