First Responders: You Won't Believe It
Sophie Holman

We Brits love a good “I can’t believe” expression, like “I can’t believe it’s November already” or “I can’t believe how dark it’s getting”. I’m going to throw another one in there with “I can’t believe the discount Class are running with their First Responder book!” … Okay, maybe that one needs a bit of work, but you get the gist.

We’re running a special discount throughout November for the First Responder Care Essentials (both paperback and eBook) where you’ll get 40% off when buying ten or more copies. So, if you’re part of a First Responder/First Aid Training Team then get your Heads of Training to claim before 30th November by purchasing through their account or contacting us.

It won’t take much convincing... they won’t believe it either!

Description: FRCE Nov Offer


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