Decision Making in Paramedic Practice

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In this new book, Andy Collen offers a wealth of knowledge about the importance of decision making in healthcare practice to reduce clinical risk and improve outcomes for patients. The text explores the role of the modern paramedic and of the paramedic as a critical thinker. It offers a unique perspective on clinical decision making, highlighting important aspects such as the balance between intuition and experience as well as professional issues.

"I think it’s fantastic. Honestly one of the best texts I’ve read and its layout and structure mean it can be used as a reference or read cover-to-cover. Every time I read it I find something new." John McKenzie, Lecturer - University of Hull
1 Paramedic Practice: The Changing Patient Profile in Urgent,Emergency and Critical Care

2 Professional Issues

3 The Evolution of the Paramedic as a Critical Thinker

4 Decision Making Theory: Human Factors, Dilemmas and Conundrums

5 The Garden Path Test: Putting Decision Making into Practice –Intuition, Experience, Hypotheses, and Deduction

6 The Cognitive Continuum: Enhancing your Decision Making Skills

7 Case-Based Discussion (Case Studies, Reflection, Action Learning)

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Decision making in paramedic practice

Jul 23
In putting together learning modules within paramedic science, this text has been invaluable in addressing the considerations the modern day paramedic needs to consider in dealing with the increasingly complexity of patients presenting to the ambulance service in both critical and urgent care presentations.

Informative guide to a complex subject that is delivered in an easy-to-read way.

Jun 24
Our paramedic students have found this text incredibly valuable. Not only does it explore different decision making theories in a clear way, the author makes links back to contemporary paramedic practice which makes the topic more relate-able to student paramedics. The chapter on human factors is especially strong and I have also used this section when assisting students with their reflective writing.