Eating Well for Kidney Health Expert Guidance and delicious recipes

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This book is about good food, good drink and good health. It is full of simple, quick and great-tasting recipes for people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and their families.

With the increase of tests done by General Practices, more and more people are being told, 'You have CKD'. This is a shock, especially as many people are unsure what chronic kidney disease actually is. What is clear is that people diagnosed with CKD are eager to improve their health by finding recipes and ingredients that are good for their kidneys.

The advice and information in this book - and the mouth-watering recipes - are ideal for anyone with CKD.

-Plenty of hints and tips to help you eat in a kidney-friendly, healthy and enjoyable way

-Advice on choosing meals, showing you step-by-step what to look for in takeaways and pre-packaged foods

-Over 50 delicious and attractive recipes, from quick snacks to special occasion meals

-Practical advice to help you to adapt your favourite dishes in a kidney-friendly wayAs an experienced renal dietitian, I highly recommend this book to people with early chronic kidney disease. For those with more severe kidney problems, I also recommend their companion book, Eating Well With Kidney Failure.


Food allergy tests

Will my allergy improve over time?


Your anaphylaxis contingency plan

Anaphylaxis and going to school

Anaphylaxis in young adults

The dietitian’s role

Food labelling

Special diets

Allergy prevention and weaning

Cross-reactivity and food families

Eating in

Eating away from home

Cross contamination

Holidays and travelling

Help for people on special diets

Career and leisure choices


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