JRCALC Plus V2.0: Same Trusted App, Better Features

The JRCALC Plus App is being Updated

Developed in response to customer feedback and enhancing technology, Plus Version 2.0 has a positively refreshing user-friendly update with a natural familiarity to the existing version. 

The unintimidating updates have made the app’s progression feel natural and not overwhelmingly different from the previous version.  Features, such as the additional search bars within all tabs, enhance the performance of the app and gives users greater confidence with cleaner and more digestible sections.

JRCALC Plus continues to give emergency services staff access to up-to-date guidance on medical conditions and drug dosages at all times, whilst on the move. With the improved, user friendly display you will enjoy using a far easier and more efficient navigation, along with the many other practical features listed below.

Product Trials

Do you already have a Plus subscription through your Trust? Are you interested in trialling Plus V2.0 before the updates are made available later this year? We would love to hear what you think.  Just get in touch by completing the below contact form, emailing us at ContactUs@class.co.uk or ringing the team on +44 (0) 1278 427800.

Features & Differences:

  • Trust Pins – A curated list from your Trust of useful or relevant Items. This is a new card on the Dashboard.
  • Customise your Dashboard – The Dashboard is customisable. Using the Edit button in the nav bar on the Dashboard tab, you can rearrange the Dashboard cards into the your preferred order using drag and drop.
  • Dark Mode – Dark mode across the app. This can be turned on manually or set to be automatic and follow the device settings.
  • Overhaul of Searching – Searching from the Dashboard has a designated page. When using search from the Dashboard, your search term will show results based on whether it matches the Guideline title or if there is a match within the Guideline text.
  • Keyword Searching – An updated search index has been included to help improve search results.
  • Filter and Search other tabs – The Guidelines, Meds and Algorithms tabs can be searched and filtered.
  • Page Searching – Guidelines include Page Searching – the app now includes the ability to search with a guideline. When searching within a specific page, the number of results is displayed, with the option to quickly navigate between the results.
  • Clear Labels for Updated Guidelines – Guideline cards on the Dashboard and other tabs display a red Updated label if there is an unacknowledged update.
  • Guideline Updates in Context – Guideline Updates are displayed on both the Dashboard and at the top of the Guideline page. Any Updates that are acknowledged appear at the bottom of the Guideline in a section called Acknowledged Updates.
  • Guideline Updates – Users can view all Guideline Updates on a designated page using the See all call-to-action on the top right of the Guideline Updates card. Only the 5 most recent updates are shown on the Dashboard.
  • Bookmark Icon on Guideline Cards – Bookmarked Guidelines display a bookmark icon on Guideline cards on the Dashboard and other tabs. Users can view all their bookmarks from the Dashboard using the See all call-to-action on the top right of the Bookmarks card.
  • Overhaul of Clinical Notices – Clinical Notices has a designated view, which includes a filter and search function. CNs are split into Unacknowledged and Acknowledged sections.
  • Bookmark any type – Clinical Notices and Algorithms can be bookmarked.
  • Switch Accounts – Users with multiple accounts for PLUS will now be able to log into all their accounts on a single device and switch between their accounts quickly without the need to log out and back in again.

We would really like to hear what you think about the new updates coming soon to JRCALC Plus V2.0.  To trial the new features simply complete the following form and we will be in touch.

Trial JRCALC Plus V2.0

Not long to wait…

Watch out for your ‘app update’ alert later this year. You will either see a pop-up notification or it will happen automatically in the background, depending on your device settings.

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