A spectacular win at the BMA medical book awards ends a bumper September of recognition for Class Professional Publishing.

The BMA medical book awards takes place annually to recognise outstanding contributions to medical literature.

With over 900 resources submitted on a diverse range of topics, there were 14 categories for which prizes were awarded, with a BMA medical book of the year award chosen from the category winners.

Our book, Community Palliative Care and COVID-19, won this year’s special category, ‘COVID-19’, and we are so proud!

“Whilst there has been a lot of attention on the impact of COVID on hospitalisation, we should not forget the burden of illness has been huge also in the community.”

Dr Chaand Nagpaul CBE – BMA council chair

In what has undoubtedly been a extraordinary year for medicine across the board, we are delighted to have won the BMA’s 2021 special category: COVID-19, for our book, Community Palliative Care and COVID-19 by Tania Blackmore & Georgina Parker.

It is an honour to have worked with these authors, who acted in record time to get this title out for use in the height of the pandemic.

The book includes case studies written by a range of healthcare professionals working in the community including Oliver-Jon Tidball (Head of Community Team at Heart of Kent Hospice), Jacquie Hackett (Community Clinical Nurse Specialist), Ashley Stewart (Paramedic), Harriet Evans (Paramedic), Becca Lee (District Nurse), Sophie Trent (Registered Nurse).

As publishers of prehospital resources, this book was one small way of offering our assistance, as our friends & colleagues within the NHS worked so tirelessly to meet such enormous demands.

“This book is dedicated to all the frontline health care professionals that have worked through the pandemic, and also to the people that have lost their lives to COVID-19, and their loved ones and families.”

Tania Blackmore

Community Palliative Care and COVID-19 is an essential guide to caring for the community palliative care patient in relation to COVID-19, when the patient’s preferred place of care is at home or the hospice. It will guide you through appropriate care procedures and protocols in managing end-of-life patients who show symptoms of COVID-19. Supported by applicable case studies from a range of community care settings, this guide will be relevant to anyone affected by the challenges of COVID-19 when managing end-of-life patients or caring for older people, including paramedics, nurses and palliative care providers.

“We hope that by winning this award we raise the profile of palliative care in the community by providing a really useful resource to frontline health care professionals.”

Tania Blackmore

“We believe that accurate, evidence-based, easily accessible, medical literature is vital to improve patient outcomes and also therefore provide professional resilience.”

Georgina Parker