The SPOT app (Safer Prescription of Opioids Tool) has been developed to support prescribers perform complex calculations when switching opioid medicines.  SPOT is an online tool that will double check your calculations, ensuring patients are quickly given the correct dosage of analgesia.

Using sophisticated algorithms, SPOT is able to simultaneously harness information that can help the development of guidelines for pain management and also monitor performance to ensure safe and effective treatment of pain.

SPOT is the only CE-marked, clinically-validated equianalgesic opioid converter in clinical practice. Currently deployed across NHS Borders, serving over 110,000 patients and clinicians, SPOT is assessed against the NHS Scotland Quality Assurance Framework for Medical Device Apps, based upon the Scottish Palliative Guidelines, and proven to improve adherence to guidelines and confidence in prescribers.

Watch our quick video for an overview of SPOT

Class Professional Publishing, the distributors of SPOT, are currently offering you a complimentary 30-day trial of the app. 

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For more information about SPOT visit  Alternately, you can email or ring the team on +44 (0) 1278 427800.