Have you tried ParaPass?

The learning and professional development resource for emergency care workers

The app presents JRCALC:CPD and Standby CPD on one new and expansive platform and includes brand new tools and information to support paramedic learning and development.

In this blog we’ll investigate the key features of the app, including transitioning from JRCALC:CPD and Standby CPD to ParaPass, compatible platforms, pricing, how to access old certificates and FAQs.

Key Features

Pricing & Payment Methods

Compatible Platforms


Key Features

  • Includes content from JRCALC:CPD, Standby CPD, with around 50 Standby CPD articles (as at 1 April 2021), and new case studies with quizzes.

  • Access all available content during your subscription period. New content will continue to be released and made available to anyone who has a current subscription.

  • Case scenarios on pre-hospital practice, covering a range of topics including overdose, paediatrics, pain management, head injury and sepsis.

  • Access hundreds of multiple choice quiz questions on the JRCALC Guidelines and paramedic practice, covering the full breadth of paramedic practice, from vulnerable patient groups to obstetrics to trauma.

  • Quizzes are arranged in multiple ways, including broken down by JRCALC guideline, to facilitate specialised learning.

  • Self-assessment questions, to support reflective practice.

  • Standby CPD: Evidence-based discussions on a wealth of anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology topics.

  • New refreshed and user-friendly design.

  • CPD certificates, so you can evidence your learning.

  • The contributors provide a breadth of experience and perspectives, working on the road, in primary care and healthcare education.

  • JRCALC:CPD quizzes have been updated to reflect the latest clinical practice guidelines, and questions that are no longer relevant have been removed.

  • Works offline so if you don’t have any signal, it’s no problem.

  • Now also available as a website so you can learn at home or on station.

Pricing & Payment Methods

How much is ParaPass?

ParaPass costs £3.99 a month, if you opt to pay monthly, or £39.99 annually.

If you are a Standby CPD customer and still want to receive a print copy of Standby CPD. we’re offering a third option:

ParaPass annual subscription PLUS Standby CPD print subscription: £60

How do I pay?

Subscriptions can be purchased as an in-app purchase on the iOS App Store or Google Play. You can also subscribe by logging in at www.parapass.co.uk and paying via WorldPay.

Compatible Platforms

ParaPass is available on iOS, Android and via a website


Still have a question? Please click HERE for our ParaPass FAQs or contact us on apps@class.co.uk